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Great Bible Stories

This site has Bible stories you can read, listen to online or download, and stories you can watch.
Some of the stories are straight out of the Bible, with a bit of the storyteller's imagination thrown in! Others teach us really important things that the Bible has to say.

There are also lots of games and fun stuff to do!


The Missionary Game

This game will keep you busy for hours! As you meet people you have to plant Churches and provide them with food, water and Bibles.

See if you can be one of the top scorers - worldwide!




Meet Tenalp who comes from the planet Zigon, and travelled for many light years to get here in his solar-powered space ship and find out everything there is to know about all the amazing animals, people and places there are on our planet.

Discover environmental issues and test your skill and agility with one of the online games!



Bible Wonderland


Games and puzzles all with a Bible theme or based on the life of Jesus, cool activities and fun stuff.

There are even some things to teach you how to pray, and some prayers you can pray with your Mum or Dad.




Multimedia dynamations, e cards, questions, screensavers, multimedia, art work, book shop, updates... Enjoy !!





The Wonderzone is where you can come to find out more about God's Word and how it applies to your lives, as well as play games, have opinions heard, and interact with specially trained "TrailGuides"!



Kids Games


It's called Kids Games and it is happening everywhere. Cities, villages, islands, communities and suburbs across the planet are gearing up for their 2007 Kids Games. Between 2000-2006 we have seen around 150 countries and close to 2 million children involved.

We invite you to take a journey through some of the places running Kid sGames, you can explore by country, by city or take a Mystery Tour and let our Kids Games travel-engine transport you to places you least expect!


Kings Call



You are about to embark on a fascinating online adventure game. The game is filled with rich graphics & animation, talkative characters, puzzles, and mini-games. While the game can be challenging, it will probably only take you several hours to complete. They will even provide help with the game if you get stuck!




Water Aid



A cool game where you can choose which country you would like to visit: Ethiopia, Ghana or Nepal. When you are at the village you will be given a series of choices to help the villagers solve their water supply problems!



Kids Ranch



Tons of games and jokes, stories and music. But more than that, we've got tons of encouragement for you, too.
So have fun exploring! And keep your eyes open, you never know what might be around the next corner!


Wildlife Watch


Special magazines and posters give you the low down on the UK’s wildlife - with in-depth stories, wildlife news, campaigns, cartoons, competitions and reports from young people all over the country.

There are plenty of great pictures and photographs plus ideas and instructions to help you take your own positive action.

Members can even email in to help out on the Watchword editorial team.


All About Animals



Do you like animals? Then check this site out! There is the animal of the month, animal art, animal poetry and even some amazing animal stories!